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Shipping and receiving is what we do. Located in Oroville, Washington. We serve the North Okanogan County USA, British Columbia, and Alberta, Canada. We help our customers save on international shipping costs by receiving their shipments for them.  We are located just 3.5 miles from the Osoyoos B.C. border crossing in Oroville, Washington. 

So, how do people do this? Excellent question! Allot of our Canadian neighbors choose to use our US address as their own. They do this for a few reasons. Often times, what they are looking for they cannot find in Canada.  The online company they are shopping with will not ship to Canada. Or, the price to buy it in Canada or ship it to Canada is outrageous.  This is where we come in. Your package arrives here, you make a quick trip across the border, pick up your shipment for a small handling fee, and take it across the border yourself. It really is that easy!  

If you have freight to ship you can drop it off for pick for a $20.00 drop fee.  Need a freight quote and help scheduling your freight pick up contact us today! 

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